The best solution for stretch marks removal and the prevention of pregnancy stretch marks is a naturally occurring skin care serum that is secreted by a mollusk to both a) strengthen its skin and b) for the repair of soft tissues very much like human collagen and elastic skin fibers.

It strengthens fragile skin, dissolves scars, inhibits the release of the biological irritant molecules involved in the onset of inflammation of the skin tissues —which left unattended destroy normal cells and healthy connective tissues, inevitably leading to stretch marks.

In a nutshell: it prevents stretchmarks and is the best to get rid of stretch marks.

This unique natural organic serum is secreted as an essential component of the innate immune system of a little creature of the phylum mollusca, class gastropoda, species Crystomphalus Aspersa; also known as Helix Aspersa Müller or the humble brown garden snail.

This solution for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks was developed after asking a crucial question:

Why “mast cells” residing within the skin ready to act as immune sentinels, and protect the skin from damage, react to overstretching of the skin’s collagen and elastic fibres by setting off a cascade of inflammatory reactions that first destroy the tissues overstretched, and latter repair them with scars?

mast cells react to overstretching and trigger stretch marks

The question is of paramount importance because if an immune response is inadequate then overwhelming infections, damaged to delicate skin tissues, or tumours may ensue, but if an immune response is excessive then chronic inflammation, autoimmunity problems; and tears in the skin tissues, such as stretch marks, may develop.

The question lead to a surprising solution: a naturally occurring immune serum with skin regeneration properties for application on the skin.

The solution performs all is necessary to prevent and remove stretch marks:

  • Strengthens fragile skin.
  • Dissolves scars in the epidermis and dermis (cutis) with its enzymes.
  • Inhibits the release by mast cells of histamines, proteases (enzymes that degrade proteins), cytokines, and chemokines that cause the onset of stretch marks in the dermis.
  • Moderates inflammation so that your immune system does not destroy tissues when it reacts to overstretching as if it were a thread to the integrity of your whole body.
  • Prevents stretch marks.
  • Gets rid of new and old stretch marks.
  • Has regenerative properties that were validated by Dermatologists from some of the most prestigious Dermatology services in the world.

How It Works?
It works in a way similar to how another surprising mollusk, the oyster, coats an irritant —which causes a state of inflammation triggered by cell lining damage— by secreting a smooth, lustrous substance called nacre around the irritant to prevent it from disrupting its soft tissues. And in the process also yields something as precious as a beautiful Pearl: soft, beautiful looking and healthy skin.

BIOSKINCARE is for stretch mark prevention and for treatment of new stretch marks.
BIOSKINEXFOL is for resurfacing or retexturizing the skin and stretch marks removal of old and rough, damaged skin tissues.

BIOSKINCARE is a complete and balanced solution for the prevention and treatment of newly formed stretch marks. The cream is made with a unique naturally occurring skin care serum that supports the immune system and has skin regeneration properties.

In independent studies, Bioskincare has been proven to work and validated by physicians and scientists from some of the most prestigious dermatology services in the world.

Scientific screening has shown the serum is packed with natural peptides, glycoproteins, coenzymes, oligoelements, antioxidants, moisturizers, messenger molecules that transmit signals across the cell membrane and coordinate cell metabolism, enzymes —that dissolve scar tissues and release their aminoacids which are necessary for the rebuilding of healthy skin—, oxygen transport molecules —that nourish your skin cells and stimulate collagen and elastin regeneration from within, while also preventing the breakdown of these essential structural proteins.

Money back for stretch marks removal cream.

In as little as 3 weeks, the cream can considerably reduce the appearance of inflammed stretch marks and dissolve scar tissues as well as the reddish, purplish or discoloration associated with such deep scarring.

BIOSKINEXFOL at home microdermabrasion treatment for skin resurfacing and regeneration of damaged skin affected by old and rough stretch marks, skin resurfacing home microdermabrasion cream.

BIOSKINEXFOL is the same cream as in BIOSKINCARE but embedded with micro-crystals designed for skin resurfacing of rough and old stretch marks. By rubbing the cream on your skin you will quickly polish away the upper most microns of the outer layer of rough and damaged skin and get much softer skin in less time.

This gentle abrasion will also allow for the penetration of the active serum deep within the dermis to dissolve scars by the action of its enzymes and to activate skin regeneration.

BIOSKINEXFOL should be used for four to six months on stretch marks that are older and when the surface marks are rough or white and no longer red as is with newly formed striae (medical term for stretch marks).

The improvement with these products may persist for almost nine months after discontinuing their application.

As in nature, solutions do not emerge overnight and usually there’s no such thing as a quick fix with chemical imitations of nature’s gifts. Only with repeated use on the affected areas to strengthen skin and dissolve damaged tissues little by little, beauty can be restored safely and naturally with a routine regimen.

What customers say about the prevention and removal of stretch marks?

Many customers send rewarding feedback about their use of the products, although results may vary from person to person; and we must warn you that they are not intended to represent what may happen to you.

“I was resigned to the fact that my stretch marks which started off as reddish and purplish in color and then became glossy and appeared streaked in silver and white were permanent and can’t be fixed, but yours is a revolutionary way to make them almost invisible”.

“This cream is amazing! I could see results even after the first month and I have tried lots of products. I have used it on my entire belly and thighs area. In both places I had really deep stretch marks. It’s been 4 months since I started applying it, and I can’t believe my eyes.”

“Already having stretch marks on my breasts and hips from puberty, I knew I was prone to them and did not want them on my belly or back so I decided to give your product a try and I was hooked after 6 weeks, for the existing marks from adolescence started to disappear and they continued vanishing to almost nothing when I gave birth to my beautiful girl.”

“I have been living with stretchmarks since I was 10 years old and have found it a bit depressing come summer time when everyone is pulling out their bikinis. I started using the cream last November and was applying it three times a day. As I finished my fourth bottle, I decided to take some time off since it had already faded my marks so drastically. Amazingly, they were still fading two months after my last use… Not only do I feel sexier, but my husband can’t stop buying me lingerie…”.

Nature’s Gift for Healthy Skin

Whether one gets stretch marks during adolescent growth-spurts, yo-yo dieting, extreme overweight, weightlifting or during the late stages of pregnancy, when skin is fragile and it is stressed by overstretching causing the immune system to fire an inflammatory reaction that may further damage the weakened collagen and elastic fibers deep within the dermis, a new way is here to prevent stretch marks and improve the appearance of those scars that the body forms to repair skin damage.

Treatment with enzymes and skin regeneration activators from a naturally occurring serum strengthens fragile skin with the same amino acids they liberate by dissolving scar tissues.

With so many women being affected by the form of scarring within the dermis that shows up on the surface of the skin as stretch marks, it’s no wonder why stretch marks removal and prevention are such hot topics. Scarring can be much more than a badge of honor after laboring to bring a baby into the world.

Giant stride in the treatment of scars and stretch marks.

But now there’s hope with the discovery, by pure chance, of this naturally occurring serum secreted for its own skin repair by a little creature having soft tissues with cells and skin matrix molecules very similar to those of human skin.

Some of the benefits of the serum were first noticed by peasants in Chile manipulating the snails they had collected in orchards and vineyards —where they were considered to be pests— to sell them live in gourmet markets where they are highly valued by many European people.

In a few words: “We noticed that our hands were very soft and that any dark spots or scars disappeared quickly”. His wife added, “The effects were so surprisingly rejuvenating that we felt we came across the elixir of youth”.

To make a long story short about the drifts of an accidental discovery that started way back in 1980, we can now say that in clinical trials doctors have proven the serum repairs skin damaged by photoaging. In other clinicals it has been proven to heal dermatitis caused by exposure to radiation as used in radiotherapy for cancer (the cutaneous inflammatory reaction and the degenerative changes in the skin following excessive, chronic, or therapeutic exposure to ionizing radiation). It strengthens fragile skin and regenerates wounded tissues without abnormal scarring.

The serums’ safety and toxicological profile makes it safe for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding and can thus help pregnant women prevent and get rid of stretch marks.

Topical products that include the serum support the innate immune system at the site where skin cells and connective tissues are stressed or irritated (inflammed), strengthen and tighten loose skin, dissolve scar tissues with enzymes, supply oxygen transporting proteins that boost collagen production, and thus prevent and greatly diminish the appearance of those scars within the dermis known as stretch marks.

Scientific Validation of the Benefits of the Biological Serum.

The molecular basis for the regenerative properties of the serum have been established after screening and clinical trials by scientists from the Department of Biological Sciences, School of Natural Sciences, Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey; the Hospital Universitario de la Princesa, Universidad Autonoma, Madrid, Spain; and the Dermatology Service of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, as reported in the January 2008 issue of the Journal of Pharmacology and Physiology of the Skin.

stretch marks removal validated by science


Skin Regeneration Properties of Mollusk Secretion Copyright © 2007 S. Karger AG, Basel

The mollusk’s innate immune support serum was discovered by chance and keen observation.

It is collected from mature live snails at 10 day intervals without causing them any harm. The serum has been submitted to safety and toxicological challenges that warrant it is compatible with living cells, and thus safe with no side effects for human skin.

Nobody can patent and claim exclusive rights to this unique secretion because it exists by the biological workings of a living being and not by a manmade chemical reaction. In other words, it is a naturally occurring substance designed by evolutionary processes.

Nature holds pearls of wisdom that enhance life’s splendors.

Due to its complexity, geared by evolutions’ beautiful mechanisms, the serum cannot be replicated even in the most sophisticated biochemical laboratory. In fact, no chemist can replicate the complexity of a solution furnished by the immune system of a living creature, which is capable of generating enormous chemical diversity through the processes of rearranging gene segments and somatic mutation.

Repeatedly, Mother Nature provides a better answer to synthetic solutions through a humble little creature in a way similar to another misunderstood living being with a soft body – the silkworm. The silkworm uses its saliva to build his cocoon of raw silk to protect itself during metamorphosis, and humans benefit by taking the very same material and produce luxurious silk fabric with exceptional properties and unlike all imitations.

Once the snail secretions are collected, they are stabilized by biotechnology and included in liposome vessels so that their enzymes, copper peptides, antioxidants, oxygen transport proteins (haemocyanin) and messenger and healing proteins are not degraded by hydrolysis and can be readily available when applied topically to human skin.

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