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We represent a Chilean company located in the city of Santiago, equipped with laboratories and staffed with people entirely dedicated to scientific research and development of end products in the following areas:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Microbiology
  • Toxicology
  • Pulvimetallurgy
  • Biotechnology
  • Aquaculture

We offer:

    A multidisciplinary group of researchers trained to create products of excellence.
  • Our own techniques and processes.
  • Unique products.
  • A new generation of natural organic products.
  • Solutions to problems of fresh water aquaculture diseases, such as Saprolegniasis and Flavobacteriosis and Caligus
  • Specialization in isolation, purification and stabilization of enzymes obtained from culture collection of non-genetically modified microorganisms.

In this presentation we feature three classes of products made with biotechnology

1) nano particles of copper powder,

2) a product that stabilizes enzymes found in a serum secreted by live snails of the species Helix Apersa that has regenerative properties and is being used to power a range of natural skin care products, and

3) products made with enzymes that kill a fungus parasite of fish and other species in fresh water, kill a sea lice that parasites marine fish and is a vector of viruses, and an enzyme that helps in the conversion of vegetable proteins in more digestible food for marine fish.

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The Easy Way To Healthy, Beautiful Skin

The discovery of a naturally occurring serum secreted by a snail with skin that is very similar to human skin and is the base of our nourishing natural skin care products.

We think this information may change your whole perspective on what deserves the qualifiers "natural", "organic", "effective" and "nourishing" in the field of cosmetic and skin care products, and on how savvy nature provides nourishment for a lifetime of beautiful, healthier looking skin.

Laboratory screening of the serum has discovered it is a powerful antioxidant substance also packed with enzymes, proteins, peptides, co-enzymes, trace elements (Copper, Zinc, Iron & Calcium) and complex sulfated acidic glyco (sugar) molecules that scientists classify as: glycoproteins, glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and proteoglycans.

Our "natural" skin care products are formulated to "nourish" your skin cells with the "organic" naturally occurring serum, and with ingredients from plants; very much like how natural supplements or natural rich foods, you might prefer, nourish and keep you healthy.

Skin cells naturally receive nourishment through blood vessels located in the skin. Sometimes the body loses adequate blood flow or proper nutrition due to disease or aging, reducing its ability to nourish the skin and putting it at greater risk for skin breakdown and tearing. It is important for malnourished skin to receive bioavailable nutrition topically to replace lost nourishment.

Through the use of nourishing topical agents, such as our BIOCUTIS serum, the skin can be treated and restored to full function, enabling the skin to be the very effective barrier it is meant to be. A healthy epidermis is flexible yet strong, able to fight off invading organisms and is able to recover and heal after inflammatory and mechanical insults.

When skin cells are properly nourished with topical products (placed on the skin) particularly in times of distress, there is a significant positive impact on the optimal functioning of the epidermis and dermis (the cutis). The skin cells do their job better or more "effectively" and maybe even correct their wrongdoings.

We believe this is the best and easy way to beautiful, healthier looking skin no matter what your skin concerns may be: acne (non-cystic acne), rosacea, new and old scars, stretch marks, dry skin conditions, ingrown hairs, age spots, premature wrinkles, the effects of overexposure to solar radiation, etc... as long as they are not diseases of the skin that may compromise your health and biological integrity. And this is the only claim we will ever make in all the marketing of our products. If you think you might have a disease please consult with a qualified dermatologist or with your family Doctor.

Yes, the natural serum we use as the main ingredient in our products has been the object of much research by prestigious scientists and dermatologists, as you can read further below here and at the links we list. Most of it has been published at the website of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. BUT this is no proof or legitimate evidence that the products made with it will positively affect any disease of the skin.

Our products are NOT intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease and/or are not intended to affect the structure or any function of the human body, and no such claims are approved by Andes Natural Skin Care, LLC.

Ok, that is our legal disclaimer and the truth we want you to appraise as an informed consumer.
Scientists are amazed at what it appears to accomplish at the molecular and cellular level, and peer reviewed research supports further study for use in "regeneration of wounded tissue".

Can you imagine what it may do for the appearance of your premature wrinkles, and skin blemishes?

Would you be willing to try what savvy nature has created as a complete and balanced nutrition for all your skin concerns, beauty care and, beautiful, healthy looking skin?

The molecular basis of the properties of the snail serum was studied closely, with positive and fascinating results documented in a research paper published in the US in a peer reviewed Dermatology Journal, in January 2008. This study confirmed previous reports in Spanish Dermatology Journals which state that the snail serum has rejuvenation properties that set it apart from any other natural ingredient used by the skin care industry.

Link: Molecular Basis For the Regenerative Properties of a Secretion of the Mollusk Cryptomphalus aspersa Published at Synapse The Website of the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

Journal of Skin Pharmacology and Physiology Copyright © 2007 S. Karger AG, Basel.

regenerative properties of secretion of mollusc


We like to think of our skin balms/creams as nourishing natural skin care products "powered" by this naturally occurring immune serum with skin rejuvenating properties that have become of extreme interest to scientists enrolled by The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, which hosts one of the most prestigious dermatology services in the world. Of course they do not endorse our products made with this natural ingredient which by the way cannot be patented, although it has the attention of the academic community because of the evidence already accumulated about its capabilities.

Please be aware that we say our products are "powered" by the natural serum as a metaphor because we do not make claims about skin diseases. Our products improve the appearance of scars, skin affected by noncystic acne, dry skin, and many skin concerns which are NOT diseases as they do not compromise the health of the skin or integrity of the body. For instance when we refer to stretch marks or scars, we refer to existing scars that are unsightly and do not pose a further health problem. And if you suspect they may represent a risk, in your particular situation, please consult a physician.

Also please be aware that we collect the snail serum directly from snails without inflicting any damage to them, and we do not in any way alter or modify or subtract or isolate from it any of its components.

We do embed the serum in tiny microscopic water-friendly molecular bubbles called liposomes. Liposomes are made up of the same molecules as a cell membrane, so they are absorbed by the cells and can reach inside the inner layers of the epidermis, where they may help put an end to your skin concerns. If they do not, please let us know and we will refund your financial investment.

In other words the core of our biotechnology is in collecting the serum pure from the snails without doing them any harm, and embedding it into microscopic vessels so that the serum nourishes the skin cells, because nourished cells will do their job better and maybe correct their wrongdoings.

This creature has been naturally endowed with the ability to produce a balanced and complete "skin care lotion" to protect, renew and deeply moisturize its skin and to repair damage from UV solar radiation and free radical oxidation, pollution, environmental hazards and accidents. It also regenerates parts of its organs when bitten by birds (tentacles, eyes, mouth) as well as its shell when crushed or damaged. The creature is common in most vineyards and gardens in Mediterranean climates. When it encounters any stressing event it bubbles this lotion onto its skin copiously. It does so when threatened by insect predators, or when it comes out into an atmosphere full with oxygen and risks being intoxicated by free radicals after hibernating or estivating (resting during the hot weather) inside its shell where it has remained without much oxygen and its metabolism is at rest.

We have embodied what we believe is nature's most complete, balanced and intense skin care solution, a biological compound of soluble proteins and complex acidic glyco (sugar) molecules created by live snails of the species Helix Aspersa Müller — collected pure from them while they secrete it copiously under stress but without doing any harm to the little snails — into BIOSKINCARE.

And we make the fluid into an odorless white lotion or gel-cream with no alien, synthetic chemicals.

Here we present a variety of products that have each been formulated for specific skin concerns and people that are searching for the easiest way to beautiful healthier looking skin.


BIOSKINCARE is a natural cosmetic product, not a drug, pharmaceutical, or product aimed to cure a disease.

BIOSKINCARE nourishes your skin and leaves it smooth, refreshed, soft and with use over a period of time it takes away the signs of imperfections and unsightly blemishes. Apply on cleansed skin, including the eye contour.




Made in the USA. 50 grams = 1.76 oz
Save at least 20% off price & save on shipping costs
when you order more than one jar


Regular Price for One Bottle: $69.98
Discount Price Two Bottles: $55.98 each


Microdermabrasion Cream


Ultra Exfoliate Your Skin with BIOSKINEXFOL

Home microdermabrasion cream. Contains the same natural nourishing ingredients in BIOSKINCARE but infused with micro-crystals so that you may rub it with your finger tips to remove old, hard, and tough blemishes by physical exfoliation. Best also for oily skin and aged skin, and the resurfacing of the outer layer of the skin. Not for keloids, and not if your skin is still fragile (use BIOSKINCARE for a few months first to strengthen your skin). Results are not only immediate, but compound over time and do not trigger inflamm-aging of delicate skin tissues.




Made in the USA. Two to Three Month's supply 120 grams = 4.23 oz


120 Gram Bottle: $89


Natural Skin Care Product To Nourish Oily Skin Prone To Acne And For Non-Cystic Acne

This product is oil free and naturally nourishes the skin and beautifies the appearance of skin affected by mild or moderate acne (not cystic acne), rosacea, and scars. Best for people with oily skin.




Made in the USA. One Month's supply 50 grams = 1.76 oz
50 Grams in One Airless Pump Bottle: $59


Save at least 20% off price & save on domestic or world wide shipping costs
when you order more than one month's supply
Discount Price Two Bottles: $47.20 each, at checkout within our secure shopping cart.


Get Rid Of Sun & Age Spots While Nourishing Your Skin With Antioxidants: BIO SKIN REJUVENATION

A deeply moisturizing natural skin care cream packed with antioxidants, formulated for mature skin and premature wrinkles. Also reduces the appearance of brown, sun and age spots, and all types of skin blemishes.




One Month's Supply 1.76 oz., 50 Gram Bottle: $79



You can order BIOCUTIS natural skin care products at Amazon.com or at Biocutis.com

BIOCUTIS skin care products at Amazon.com Biocutis skin products store

Call Us: 1-866-BIO-SKIN or 1-702-947-0567

The Biological Skin Treatment Serum

Our products contain a biological serum created by a living creature to (a) take care of its own skin everyday and keep it moisturized, and healthy, (b) neutralize free radical oxidation and the damaging effects of excessive solar radiation and (c) repair and regenerate its skin, and even some of the organs of the little creature, whenever it is damaged by hazards and attacked by microbes.

Nourishing Skin Care Products


A nourishing and deeply moisturizing natural skin care cream for all your skin concerns. Beautifies your skin and the appearance of all types of skin blemishes. 50 gram jar = $69.98 and for two or more 20% discount.



To nourish your skin cells and moisturize the skin while you are pregnant and maybe prevent the appearance of stretch marks. It also works for newly formed stretch marks and scars, while BIOSKINEXFOL works best to beautify old, rough and raised marks. This is similar to the cream in BIOSKINCARE, in a more economical container, with 4 oz. but for use only on the body, not on the face, because it contains a higher concentration of our natural biological nourishing complex which results in an invisible film that retains in moisture by occluding the area where it is applied but may feel a little tacky on the face. 4 oz (120g) tottle = $79.98



Same cream base and enzymes as in BIOSKINCARE to nourish the cells and "digest" or dissolve blemishes, speed skin turnover and tighten skin, and two ingredients that help reduce the appearance of unwanted pigmentation, allowing for a more even skin tone. Leaves skin bright and refreshed! 50 gram jar = $79



Oil free moisturizer for the nourishment of oily skin prone to acne and for noncystic acne skin care and facial blemishes. Unclogs blocked pores by enzymatic hydrolysis, without peeling. Truly moisturizes the skin from within. 50 gram (1.76 oz) airless pump bottle $59 and 20% off for two or more.



A home microdermabrasion cream with the same high quality micro-crystals professionals use to breakdown hard, rough and old scars and blemishes, and allow for a deeper penetration of our exclusive all natural skin nourisher and moisturizing serum contained in the microdermarasion cream. 120 gram (4 oz) jar = $89



To comply with the FTC guidelines concerning use of endorsements and testimonials in advertising, let us make you aware that these are testimonials actually received by our company, generally, but not only, when people place a repeat order. They are individual experiences by persons who have used our products successfully. They are individual results and we do not claim that they are typical results that consumers will generally achieve.

I can't believe how well your product works. When I ordered for the first time for [exfoliating] acne scars I was skeptical about any results. Let me say that this is my 5th order. I have never ordered anything that has worked as well as the BIOSKINCARE cream. I had major acne scars and discoloration on my back. My back is almost at 90% recovery in 7 months of use. I estimate that 4 more jars should do the trick. My friend also tried a jar and now is ordering his own. Thank you very much. Kindest Regards, Ash Hassab. Illinois, USA.

I have used BIOSKINCARE twice a day for the past two months. The results have been better than with any other skin care product I have used in the past. My acne scars are less visible now and my skin has become much smoother and younger looking. I look forward to continued improvement with my next order of two more jars. I can't wait to see how great my skin will look in another two months. Allen Lanz, Vancouver, Canada

A year ago, I was really ashamed to go outside of my house without wearing any makeup. I’m almost 50 now and my skin has started to show the aging signs. I had all these blemishes and wrinkles. In many women, these symptoms appear in a long period of time, but in my case it was like an overnight thing, so all my friends and also my husband were a shocked to see me. I stumbled onto your website and after reading about its action and the testimonials, I decided to try it. After a week I saw the amazing effects it had on my skin. My skin was more normal and I was able to use less makeup. Today, after 4 months of using it, my blemishes and also my wrinkles are gone! I love your product. All my friends are using it now and I know I will have it in my purse and on my face forever! Thank you very much. Lucile K. Mexico.

Originally bought 2 jars. Skin is noticeably improved on face, but still has troublesome areas on neck, shoulders and back which I am hoping will clear up with prolonged use. Sonia McNulty. United Kingdom.

I didn’t want to come back and order for a second time without thanking you for your amazing product. To use your product has been an incredible experience… I really want to thank Heaven for directing me to your website. I love that the BIOSKINCARE is a natural product, when all others in the market are not body friendly. I also love the way it feels on my skin just after I apply it. God bless you! Johanna D. London.  

Raised scars and keloids had been my life companions for years… that, until I found your amazing natural treatment product! I bought two containers to start with and now I am ordering two more. I can tell you that at this point, my skin looks fresher, younger… and the best part: My scars are diminishing in size and they don’t call the attention as much as they used to! Thank you so much guys! Mark G. NY. USA.

I thought I had looked everywhere for a way of treating scars but I was totally wrong! I went online and found your BIOSKINCARE. This is my second order; I just can’t believe what I see in the mirror! I was involved in a car accident two years ago; I don’t know how I’m still alive. I suffered from many wounds and broken bones, so I received emergency surgery immediately. Today, my bones work just fine, but my skin is the one that hasn’t healed and reminds me of the accident every day. I have used your cream for almost 6 weeks now and I can feel it working in areas such as my face and neck. I really think I have found gold! Your product will make me get over this incident… my self esteem is already better. Thanks! And I will keep you posted about my improvements. Clark Lewis. Australia.

I had back surgery in March. It looked like I had a zipper going up my spine as well as one to the side of my back. I started using BIOSKINCARE once I got the staples taken out and have used it faithfully morning and night since then. You should see my scar. It is unbelievable!!! It has NO red to it and it is as smooth as it can be. I have never seen anything like it. I have now started my son and my daughter on it. My son has an ugly scar left over from a burn and plastic surgery on his neck and my daughter has the dark line on her upper lip. I was so excited that your product helped that too! I will be telling everyone about BIOSKINCARE! Thanks, Kathy Robinson. MS, USA

It has been 5 months since I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and your product has helped dramatically reduce the [appearance of the] pregnancy related strech marks I was left with. In just 4 months of using your product the stretch marks have faded quite a bit and I am hoping they will continue to fade as I continue to use your product. Ana A. Los Angeles, California, US.

Thank you for making this wonderful product available to the public. I purchased my first jar of BIOSKINCARE a few months ago to help treat some minor acne scars. I have seen an 80% improvement on the scars and hope to see continued results with additional use. Bioskincare is AMAZING, and I highly recomend it to anyone. God Bless those little snails! L. M. Lopez. CO, USA.

I have adult acne that has left scars and usually takes well over a week to heal. BIOSKINCARE has shortened the healing time to a couple of days, and has lessened the appearance of scarring. thank you! Janae Oosterhof. WA, USA

WOW!!! I am truly impressed by this product. I have been using it for over a month now, and my skin has barely been breaking out at all. The large red spots, and pitted scars are disappearing, and I think that in time they may actually be gone forever. Thank you so much for producing this product, and give your little snails a pat on the back for me. Alexis Stafford. British Columbia, Canada.

I have been using BIOSKINCARE for a month now. My skin feels smooth and my skin tone has even out! I have oily skin and I am in my early twenties and it works for me. I actually don't use that much when I apply it to my face. It is so cool and light feeling, very comfortable. I just wanted to thank you again and let you know I'll be updating you to tell you how my face has improved! I'm excited! Thanks again. Natalie, USA.

If this is your first time using Biocutis we are offering you a 100% no-risk guarantee. If you use one of our products twice a day for one month and don’t get significant improvements you can simply return the empty jar and we will refund your money. Simple as that.

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