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Stretch marks occur when mast cells, a type of surveilling immune cells that live within the skin tissues, react to overstretching of the skin’s collagen and elastic fibers

Mast cells do so even if skin tissues have not yet actually becomed susceptible and thin to tearing. Over-stretching in some people and not in others sets off a cascade of inflammatory reactions

Those biochemical reactions first alter the tissues overstretched with enzymes and other biochemicals, and latter repair them leaving scars behind.

Stretch marks are at first inflammed and look redish. They show up linear scars which form in locations of dermal damage where skin is delicate due to conditions in our biology, particularly hormone imbalances that cause the skin to thin and be prone to tearing if it is overly stretched.
Stretch marks are defined by thinning of the overlying epidermis, with dermal collagen bundles organized in straight lines parallel to the surface area.
Stretch marks can now be prevented and treated with an active skin care serum produced by the immune cells of a little animal for the repair and regeneration of its own skin.
It works for human skin because the little creature’s skin is made of the very same collagen, elastin, water holding molecules and skin cells and structures found in human skin.

The material is a biological complex made of glyco-protein enzymes and soluble protein, co-enzymes, enzymes and molecules and trace elements such as copper, calcium, zinc and iron. The watery serum is included in our creams for stretch marks by integrating it with natural emollients, moisturizers and emulsifiers.

We offer 2 creams for the prevention and/or therapy of stretch marks:

BIOSKINEXFOL, a home microdermabrasion and skin restoring cream. And BIOCUTIS BODY CREAM for the prevention of stretch marks and for recently formed stretch marks.

microdermabrasion cream for skin rejuvenation – Bioskinexfol

BIOSKINEXFOL contains micro-crystals to exfoliate old, rough, raised damaged tissues and help the biological serum in the cream penetrate within the skin to liquefy scars in the dermis (the second layer of the skin) by the action of enzymes, and for that reason eliminate stretch marks, while the BODY CREAM is the same cream without the micro crystals.

The natural immune serum is gathered from the only living being that produces a serum to shield its exposed skin from mishaps and solar radiation, and to keep it supple and healthy while similarly causing regeneration of skin tissues when damaged. When bitten by birds, it is used by the snails, from which we collect it, to regenerate even its tentacles where its eyes are, and its mouth.

These land snails you might find in vineyards or gardens in Mediterranean locations. Snails of the species Helix Aspersa. The serum is collected from the snails with a process that does not bring upon any damage to the little creatures.

The secretion of the snails stimulates fibroblast growth and rearrangement of the dinamic structures of cells (actin cytoskeleton). And it has superoxide dismutase (TURF) and glutathione-S-transferase (GST) antioxidant activities as well as other a number of modes of antioxidant action, acting at the level of free radical production and also sequestering free radicals.

It also promotes extracellular matrix assembly and the regulation of enzymatic metalloproteinase activities, which restricts the degree of the damage during injuring and scar development.

Provides fibronectin and other elements of the extracellular matrix.

The extracellular matrix (ECM) in the dermis is composed mainly of Type-I collagen, associated with a lower quantity of Type-III collagen, elastin and connected microfibrils, proteoglycans and fibronectin.

Fibronectins are vital in connective tissue, where they cross-link to collagen, and are also involved in aggregation of platelets.

Favours the correct assembly of the fibronectin into ideal patterns in the extracellular matrix

Synapse 2008: Molecular Basis For the Regenerative Properties of a Secretion of the Mollusk Cryptomphalus Aspersa– This scientific report is at the site where the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York releases research of their personnel. Examine this scientific research too: Synapse, Published on April 2012: “A secretion of the mollusc Cryptomphalus aspersa promotes expansion, migration and survival of keratinocytes and dermal fibroblasts in vitro”.

Please note that our products are not backed by the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center nevertheless their released research verifies the regenerative properties of the immune serum conclusively.

The results on the skin of the secretions of this mollusk supply a complex array of molecular systems that describe the cellular regeneration that the secretion causes. Scientific researches support its use as a regenerative component in skin care products.

Unlike more or less great pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, botanical, herbal mixes, or medicine discoveries, it works because it is presently the most original, balanced and overall natural choice for the regeneration of damaged skin cells and tissues.

It is the only compound made by an animal living in Mother Nature to bathe its skin with it and safeguard and repair itself when damaged. And it is the only animal that loves its skin exposed nude– very much like like us humans expose our naked face to the sun–.

Furthermore, it is the only creature flourishing under the sun with skin made from very comparable structures and molecules to those human skin is made from.

This little animal produces this fluid immune serum with potent restoring properties for 2 purposes:.

a) to swiftly regenerate his/her skin and therefore make it through mishaps, stress, damage brought upon by natural predators and extreme environmental risks, and,

b) to protect it from UV radiation and contamination.

And it has been working for it for the last 600 million years.

Nature’s Gift for Healthy Skin– discovered by chance and thanks to keen observation of Mother Natures’ savyness.

It is the compound which dries out and covers the entryway out their shell with a ‘trapdoor’ like structure called an operculum or epiphram to protect them while estivating and to similarly secure them from oxidation when coming out into the dangerous rich oxygen environment after estivation.

Keen observation resulted in the discovery as Chilean snail farmers, supplying the French ‘escargot’ premium market, saw considerably softer skin and fast recuperation of minor cuts and scars without infection when manipulating the snails.

The natural element produced by the snails is recognized as a complex glyco-conjugate formed by glycosaminoglycans (GAGs, sugar chains), peptides and proteins (amino-acid chains), bio-available copper and other trace minerals or oligoelements, and glycoprotein enzymes. The natural colloid also contains antimicrobial peptides that operate as defense molecules against growing bacteria.

The entire natural compound, not a part of it or stemmed from it, when applied to human skin, “digests” or dissolves damaged cells and triggers the reproduction of brand-new healthy collagen, elastin, proteoglycans and glycosaminoglycans (glycans connected to core proteins) from within the deep layers of the skin. It also helps to control acne and folliculitis (a skin infection commonly known as razor bumps).

When the skin losses glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) the inter-cellular matrix deteriorates in loose, drooping skin, both on the face and body.

GAGs are detailed sugar molecules that participate in the physiological processes through their communications with a wide range of proteoglycans and proteins. They also play a crucial role in cell adhesion, proliferation and migration. The mucin not just contains those molecules however, what is much more crucial, it promotes the production of glycosaminoglycans within the skin matrix.

GAGs are of utmost importance for the prevention and therapy of stretch marks.

The reason is GAGs have a huge water holding capability, occupy a huge location in the extra-cellular matrix and fill the majority of the intercellular space between collagen & elastin proteins. They perform an essential role as shock absorbents and supply binding, hydrating and swelling pressure to cell tissues. In doing this, they make it possible for skin to withstand compression forces and thus prevent tearing and scarring of the deep layers during pregnancy, adolescence spurts, overstretching when exercising body structure (in association with steroids) or by more than average weight gain.

Proteoglycans (PGs) are proteins linked to glucose chains (GAGs) and are essential components of connective tissues. They play an essential role in controling the structure and handling the functions of cells and molecules within the skin. The timely turnover of ProteoGlycans affects the development and differentiation of cells.

Wound recuperation depends on the level of GAGs and PGs which if not sufficient cause uncommon scars. They are hence important for recovering and prevention of stria distensae / stretch marks (atrophic scars) keloid and hypertrophic scars.

Scars and stretch marks develop as a result of disruption of the integrity of the dermis, which is the much deeper layer of skin. The look of scars and stretch marks is due to bands of collagen which the body lays to form strong bonds in order to hold the skin together where it is cut, as seen in surgical treatment and trauma.

Stretch marks look like scars during that there is damage to the skin, leading to small linear scars, nevertheless there is no real separation of the skin like in real scar formation.

Stretch marks appear after the skin is stretched excessively such as in pregnancy, spurt growth throughout adolescence, fast weight gain, and working out particularly with weight lifting. Pathological endocrine conditions like Cushing’s Syndrome might favor the emergence of stretch marks.

Some drugs, generally systemic cortisone and progesterone, are other factors adding to the development of stretch marks.

Many therapies have actually been tried to improve the look of scars and stretch marks.

Topical creams, such as those consisting of Vitamin A (retinoic acid), glycolic acid or moisturizers such as squalene, olive oil derivatives, emu oil, rose hip oil, cocoa butter, aloe vera butter or shea butter have actually been used to prevent stretch marks. When used to treat stretch marks, improvement, if any, is truly slight. Some women see a little improvement, particularly in very early stretch marks, whereas others find no improvement at all.

Dermabrasion with a diamond fraise, if carried out mildly, offers no improvement. If carried out more deeply, it can set off dyschromia, scarring and even rupture of the skin at the depth of stretch marks. Dyschromia is the name for patchy or irregular staining of the skin that can be caused either by variations in pigment density (melanin), changes in capillary (vascular changes), or development of microorganisms on the skin.

Microdermabrasion by itself, tends to provide irregular results. It is unpleasant and scarring could take place.

Lasers particularly pulsed dye laser, have really revealed some enhancement, usually on red stretch marks.

Superficial peel can be caused by 20– 70 % glycolic acid. The experience of glycolic acid therapy of stretch marks is disappointing. This is not unusual as alpha-hydroxy acid acts superficially, mainly by diminishing the bond of the stratum corneum cells.

Medium depth peels with conventional Trichloracetic acid (TCA) at 35 % to 50 % (mass per volume) have actually been tried with irregular outcomes and issues where big areas have actually been treated.

Deep peels with phenol are too dangerous for extrafacial skin, because of their capability for life harmful troubles, local scarring and constant hypochromia (decrease in the quantity of hemoglobin found in red cell).

The mucin not just contains those molecules but, what is much more essential, it stimulates the production of glycosaminoglycans within the skin matrix.

In doing this, they make it possible for skin to withstand compression forces and hence prevent tearing and scarring of the deep layers throughout pregnancy, adolescence spurts, overstretching when exercising body building (in association with steroids) or by more than typical weight gain.

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skin cream for stretch marks- Stretched Marks A Menace: Know How To Get Rid Of Them

Some people are impacted by the issue of extend marks. These can crop up on any part of your body and there are lotions accessible in the marketplace for combating them. These lotions are accessible in the healthcare shops and some of them may be accessible in the general shops as nicely. Generally these lotions are touted as the certain shot technique of getting rid of any scar of any shape and size. Generally these extend marks lotions are effective and come under different brand name names. Some of these lotions may be medicated yet both non medicated. The medicated lotions are to be strictly utilized under a doctor’s prescription and the non medicated lotions can be utilized with out a prescription as nicely.

1 may fight shy of going to skin doctor simply because of the high charges that he or she may have to shell out for those who want to conserve the cash or are shy of showing up their extend marks to a physician. Such people can inquire a pharmacist for the best extend marks elimination product accessible. If you do not even have the courage to inquire a pharmacist too, you may finish up buying the incorrect product. It is definitely better that you seek out an acceptance before buying any product. There are a quantity of ingredients that goes into making the extend marks elimination product. Some of them are Grape seed oil, EMU oil, Aloe Vera, Collagen, glycolic acid and liposome.

EMU oil is the first essential component that goes into making a scar elimination product. The oil goes into the skin where it is topically utilized and assists remove the scar. It then goes into the second layer of the skin to heal the scar.

Grape seed extract comes next, which usually makes the skin tough for gearing up for scar elimination. If any product consists of this component, it gets to be very much effective.

The glycolic acid is another component which goes into making a very effective scar elimination product. This is an acid which is acquired from sugar canes. An additional important component which goes into any such product is vitamin E. It assists in slowing down the ageing procedure and making the skin appear younger. Aloe Vera imparts a glow to the skin. Apart form getting rid of the scars, it also assists in making the skin soft. Collagen imparts dampness to the skin. This component replenishes the dampness which is misplaced by the ageing procedure in one’s skin. All these ingredients go on to make very effective scar elimination lotions.


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